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Our services are covered by a person’s insurance benefit. We bill Medicare part B and any secondary insurances, typically making our services free to our clients. We go to home-based clients’ homes, whether that be in a home or apartment, assisted living, or skilled nursing facility, or otherwise. Sessions are always held in a private area.

We can work on a variety of issues. Some of our clients need short-term counseling to deal with adjustment issues, such as: moving into a new setting (example– from home to an assisted living), family issues, or a new diagnosis. Some of our clients need counseling on a long-term basis for issues such as: death of a loved one, having a personality disorder, or other hardship affecting their life.

What is Counseling?

According to, counseling is defined as “professional guidance in resolving personal conflicts and emotional problems.”


Sessions are on a one-on-one basis. Typically, these sessions are on a weekly basis, and usually last between 30-60 minutes in length. A variety of issues can be discussed during a session. We most often see clients for issues taking place in the present, but we can work through traumas and issues of the past as well. It is not necessary to have an order from a physician to seek this treatment.


Sessions are held with one or more members of a family to work through issues related to a loved one. For example, if a loved one has a mental illness and the family is struggling with how to help them better cope with symptoms. We can see families for a variety of reasons, as long as the reasons stem back to the loved one.


Sessions are held in a common area and typically have 4 or more people in attendance. Group sessions are designed to help multiple people who are going through something similar or have a common issue or concern. Some examples of this could be: divorce, PTSD, new residents, or recent death of a loved one.

Making Mental Health Treatment Accessible

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