Sessions are on a one-on-one basis. Typically, these sessions are on a weekly basis, and usually last between 30-60 minutes in length. A variety of issues can be discussed during a session. We most often see clients for issues taking place in the present, but we can work through traumas and issues of the past as well. It is not necessary to have an order from a physician to seek this treatment.


Sessions are held with one or more members of a family to work through issues related to a loved one. For example, if a loved one has a mental illness and the family is struggling with how to help them better cope with symptoms. We can see families for a variety of reasons, as long as the reasons stem back to the loved one.


Sessions are held in a common area and typically have 4 or more people in attendance. Group sessions are designed to help multiple people who are going through something similar or have a common issue or concern. Some examples of this could be: divorce, PTSD, new residents, or recent death of a loved one.

Why Choose Live Well?


Our staff of Masters level social workers (LCSWs) has 200+ years of combined experience working with the elderly as well as the sick or disabled.
We are passionate about improving the mental health of those struggling with physical ailments.


Whether you or a loved one needs counseling while in a nursing facility, assisted living care, or at home – we bring our services to you.


From helping clients adjust to a new living arrangement, coping with a lost loved one, or reconciling family issues, we provide non-pharmaceutical intervention in all areas of psycho-social needs.

How Does it Work?

Clinical Assessment

A clinical social worker will determine if counseling is appropriate. If the client lives in a senior community, we will ask for signed consents granting permission to communicate with the community, physician, and/or psychiatrist.

Convenient Scheduling

Sessions are arranged at the client’s convenience. We typically meet on a weekly basis for 30-60 minutes per session.

Low or No Cost to You

We bill through insurance, which covers most sessions.

We specialize in the needs of seniors

If a resident has any of the concerns below, our counselors can help.


‰ Recent loss/death
‰ Moving
‰ Financial worry
‰ Abuse
‰ Divorce
‰ Family issues
‰ Difficulty sleeping
‰ Change in appetite
‰ Weight loss/gain
‰ Hoarding
‰ Lack of grooming
‰ Hallucinations
‰ Personality Disorders
‰ Bipolar Disorder
‰ Depression/Anxiety

‰ Grief
‰ Dementia
‰ Eating Disorders
‰ Explosive Disorder
‰ Substance Abuse
‰ Feelings of numbness, nervousness, hopelessness
‰ Avoiding decisions
‰ Trouble concentrating
‰ Aggression
‰ Lack of motivation
‰ Anger


‰ Hearing/vision loss
‰ Obesity
‰ Amputation
‰ Wounds
‰ Need for Durable Equipment
‰ Use of any Assistive Device
‰ History of Falls
‰ Edema
‰ Dysphasia
‰ Chronic Pain
‰ Bowel and/or Bladder Issues
‰ Fractures
‰ Cancer
‰ Heart disease

‰ Diabetes
‰ Arthritis
‰ Fibromyalgia
‰ Crohn’s disease
‰ Stroke
‰ Pneumonia
‰ Antipsychotics
‰ Antidepressants
‰ Opiods
‰ Immunosuppressants
‰ Beta blockers
‰ Anticonvulsants
‰ Dialysis treatment

Making Mental Health Treatment Accessible

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