Sabrina MarlowLicensed Clinical Professional Counselor

    Are you feeling overwhelmed, hurt, sad, angry, worried, or even heartbroken? Are you looking to get some things off your mind to a trusted professional? Have you experienced traumatic events or not even sure if it would be considered traumatic? We can find the answer to that together. I have approximately 4 years of experience working with adults and teenagers who experience all of the above concerns and more! I am here to help you find solutions and motivate you to find your own answers. Therapy should begin with you and your healing process should be guided by a therapist who is going to listen and help you see things about yourself you may not be able to see, and come up with solutions to your problems that are right for YOU! Therapy is not advice giving, but a process where you are in control of where the session goes, and you choose what you want to focus on. I will assist in providing the tools and be there to listen.

    I used a range of therapeutic techniques such as motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, solutions focused therapy, and eventually I will become certified in EMDR. You are not the same person as anyone else, therefore you will need a unique therapeutic approach that will fit your needs. I have experience with couples, anger management groups, parenting groups, children, families, and individuals across the lifespan. My specialty is working with adults and teenagers.

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